Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clayton Ruby & Buffy Sainte-Marie In 1967

As I write this post, Clayton Ruby is in court. He's the lawyer trying to get Rob Ford booted from office as Mayor for a conflict of interest. (You can read more about the case on Torontoist over here.) He's been fighting for progressive causes in Toronto since the 1960s. That's when he set up a free legal clinic on the streets of Yorkville, offering free legal advice to people, including hippies who had run into trouble with the police and draft resisters who had come to Canada to avoid fighting in Vietnam. 

Here he is, in this photo from 1967, at the Love-In at Queen's Park. That's Buffy Saint-Marie performing. And that's the young Clayton Ruby in the glasses in the front row.


I first learned about Ruby in the '60s thanks to Stuart Henderson's excellent book, Making The Scene: Yorkville and Hip Toronto in the 1960s which I wrote a bit about here

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  1. so many years of struggle in the hands of people who never tire of fighting for those who need your support