Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Photos & Facts About Rouge Park

Rouge Park is slated to become the first urban National Park in Canada — and the biggest urban National Park in the whole world. It's on the very eastern edge of our city, running up along the Rouge River and the border between Toronto and Pickering. I recently headed out there to check it out and can tell you it's pretty freaking awesome. I posted my photos, along with more information and some historical facts about it to Facebook. And you can those out, whether or not you have a Facebook account, here.


  1. Some quibbling. I thought Downsview park was charged with becoming the first 'national urban park' as part of its formative mandate in 1999?

    I suppose it's not technically a certified "National Park"... but 'National Urban Park' does show up in its self-description (e.g.

  2. Yeah, I'm not really sure why it doesn't count. But certainly, Rouge Park is much more what you'd actually expect to find when you hear the term "National Park". And Parks Canada doesn't list Downsview on their list of National Parks.