Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toronto Street in 1908

Toronto Street was once one of Toronto's most beautiful streets. Here it is in 1908. We're looking north from King, just a couple of blocks east of Yonge. A few of the buildings are still there: the columned building on the very left, which was the city's seventh post office; the old Consumer's Gas Building down near the far end on the right-hand side. Sadly, that gorgeous building facing us at the end of the road isn't one of them. It was Toronto's eighth post office. I wrote a bit more about it a while ago, which you can read here.

Long before this photo was taken, the street had already seen some pretty important history. It was at the corner of Toronto & Court (the side street you can see on the right) that Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews were famously hanged for the role they played in William Lyon Mackenzie's Rebellion in 1837. I wrote lots more about that here.

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