Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Announcing: The Toronto Book of Love

In my first book, The Toronto Book of the Dead, we explored the history of the city through some of its most gruesome and grisly deaths. Now, I'm very excited to announce that my second book is officially underway — and that it will be something of a less morbid companion to my first...

The Toronto Book of Love will be published by Dundurn Press in early 2021.

Toronto’s past is filled with passion and heartache. The Toronto Book of Love will bring the history of the city to life with fascinating true tales of romance, marriage and lust: from the scandalous love affairs of the city’s early settlers to the prime minister’s wife partying with rock stars on her anniversary, from ancient First Nations wedding ceremonies to a pastor wearing a bulletproof vest to perform Canada’s first same sex marriage. 

Home to adulterous movie stars, faithful rebels and heartbroken spies, Toronto has been shaped by crushes, jealousies and flirtations. The Toronto Book of Love will explore the evolution of the city from a remote colonial outpost to a booming modern metropolis through the stories of those who have fallen in love among its ravines, church spires and skyscrapers. 

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