Monday, November 26, 2012

Dream 13 "The Fall of Rob Ford" (Rob Ford, 2012)

Rob Ford dreamed that he walked straight off a cliff.

He was late for a press conference, lost in a park somewhere out by the bluffs. He rushed down one path and then another, frantic, exhausted. It was a sticky summer afternoon. Too hot. Too bright. Suffocating. Below him, the lake flashed dizzying blues and silvers.

He was still a few meters from the edge of the cliff when he realized he was headed towards it. He could see it clearly. But he couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t quite gather the thought together in his mind: that he needed to veer away. So instead he walked straight at it and then out over the edge, a mayor falling limply through open space.

He landed on the beach with a heavy, sandy thud. It shocked him awake.

He found himself on the floor, beside his bed, safe in Etobicoke. He lay there for a moment catching his breath, his chest heaving, his pajamas soaked with sweat. Then he hauled himself back up under the covers and drifted off to sleep, blessed with happier dreams of football and open roads and spending time with his family at the cottage in July.


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