Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photos Of Old-Timey Car Crashes

The City of Toronto has its own official Flickr page for historical photos and though there are just a few galleries there, one of them is the oh-so-awesome "How NOT to drive in Toronto". It has a bunch of photos of car accidents in the city, almost all of them from the early years of the twentieth century. My favourite is probably the one I've posted above, an electric car hanging half off the north Glen Road Bridge in Rosedale sometime around 1912. But there are lots worth seeing: auto polo at the Ex,  a vehicle swallowed by a giant sinkhole; another upside-down in a ditch. You can visit the gallery on Flickr, but I'll also embed the slideshow right here (for captions, make it fullscreen and click on the photo):


  1. If you get a chance,check out my Photo Blog on Toronto Streetcars.Have a Nice day and thanks again for posting that great shot from the past!!