Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Ten Minute Video About Toronto's '70s Punk Scene

I seem to be spending my Saturday afternoon digging around into some of the history of Toronto's music scenes — a YouTube rabbit hole that has led me to a bunch of punk in particular. And so I thought I'd quickly share this little excerpt from a documentary about punk from 1976-79. These ten minutes are the bit about what was happening in Toronto during that time, when some of New York's biggest bands (like, say, The Ramones) were coming up north to play their first gigs outside the Big Apple in a scene filled with kickass local bands like The Viletones, Diodes, and Teenage Head.

(Ooh and it looks like there's a new movie about the history of punks in these parts from 1976-78 that just wrapped up filming after six and half years. You can learn more about The Last Pogo Jumps Again here.)

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