Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Indiegogo Campaign Update! Only Two Weeks Left!

Well, it's been a little more than four weeks since the launch of the Toronto Dreams Project's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. Which means there's a little less than two weeks left to go. The whole thing is in support of a UK Tour. I'll be leaving copies of more than a dozen different dreams at Toronto-related historical sites in England — and hopefully in Wales and Scotland as well. For instance: at the spot where Sir John A. Macdonald caught on fire during the negotiations over Confederation; the chapel in the middle of the English countryside which is officially part of the province of Ontario; and the swanky London hotel where Mary Pickford caused a riot during her honeymoon with Douglas Fairbanks. I'll also use the trip as a way of telling stories about how our history is connected to history of the United Kingdom. You'll be able to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I'll be writing blogposts, too. In fact, I've already started with some of the posts as a way of previewing the tour and plugging the campaign. You can check them out here.

But to make it all happen, I still need your help. It looks like I'll be falling short of my ambitious total, but that just means every little bit helps all that much more: another dream I can leave, another village I can visit, another story I can tell.

You can contribute to the campaign here — or share it on Facebook or Twitter. As a thank you, for every donation of $20 or more, you'll get one or more of the dreams I leave on the other side of the pond. Thank you SO much to everyone who has already lent their support!

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