Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing My New Historical Photo Blog Thingy

With all the time I spend digging around looking for historical images to dismember and use for my Dreams Project postcards (which, ahem, I think I'm finally going to start leaving around the city sometime verrry soon), I see way more cool old photos of Toronto than I'll ever be able write whole posts about. And so, I've started a new little blog thingy that will just be a stream of photos. The plan is to have a new image going up every day, and hopefully it'll also be a good way for me to link to some of the kickassinglyawesome Toronto history stuff being posted elsewhere on the web.

I'm hosting the blog over at The Little Red Umbrella, the magazine I help run. You can check it out right here. And soon as I have some time, I'll add a link to it near the top of my sidebar, so you can get back to it easily whenever you like.

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