Thursday, January 20, 2011

Link: Canadian Heritage Minutes

If you lived in Canada in the 1990s and owned a television set, chances are you remember the educational minute-long history commercials produced for Canada Post. Hell, if you're anything like me, you  remember them better than most of the Canadian history you actually learned in school. And now, thanks to the superkickassing awesomeness of the internet, you can spend hours bathed in the warm glow of nostalgia, national pride and occasionally passable acting. There's an online archive of the commercials here and it has all your old favourites: James Naismith and his crazy old peach baskets, the woman who smells burning toast whenever Wilder Penfield pokes her in the brain, Jacques Plant getting hit in the face with a puck...

I could go on listing them forever so, here, I'll just give you a bunch of links to some of my favourites and embed a few of the more Toronto-related ones below:

James Naismith invents basketball here.
Wilder Penfield performs brain surgery here.
Jacques Plant wears a hockey mask here.
The Avro Arrow is developed here.
Winnie-the-Pooh is here.
Pierce Brosnan is Grey Owl here.
Baldwin and LaFontaine help invent Canadian democracy here.
Joseph Tyrrell finds dinosaur bones here.
Frontier College (where my father used to work, thank you very much) teaches people to read here.
Nat Taylor helps invent the multiplex here.


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